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Friday, November 29, 2013

New Swedish Experimental Horror “Creature 2013”

Check out the promo art  below for Swedish experimental horror/drama “Creature 2013”. The film is directed by Ronny Carlsson and stars Daniela Melin. Carlsson just finished production on “Creature 2013”.  Read more about the film below and check back for my review of the film coming soon. “Creature 2013” will be released on DVD later this year/early next year together with the spiritual partner-in-technology GOODBYE, LITTLE BETTY.

“Creature 2013” tells of Natalya's desperation to seek answers from her past. By traveling back to a place she recalls as secure, the memories come out of the darkness with the sole purpose of yet again destroying her life.

creature2013The film comes from Film Bizarro Productions and is an episodic clash of generations. Made by simple, modern means of technology but enhanced with the style of the glorious horror heyday, it's a slowly pounding and personal arthouse film but with a strong horror undertone. Told like an episodic memory, we're right by Natalya's side as she ventures into disillusion and the terror of a past life long repressed.

“Creature 2013” is 44 minute experimental horror/drama written, directed and produced by Ronny Carlsson (RÉCOMPENCE, DUST BOX, etc.), starring Daniela Melin (together they also made GOODBYE, LITTLE BETTY earlier this year). Special effects by Ronny Carlsson, with help from Michael Todd Schneider (HIS DEVIL'S NIGHT, AUGUST UNDERGROUND'S MORDUM, THE PROFANE EXHIBIT), who also helped with the finishing editing touches. Co-produced by Vincent Trocki. Featuring music by Müldeponie and Olegh Kolyada.

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