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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Review Of “I Am No One”

I am no one“I Am No One” is a fictionalized documentary following a moment in the life of a young serial killer. The “mockumentary” indie flick is directed by Jason Hoover. "I Am No One" follows Charles Lake as he details his darker side. Opening up to the cameras Lake allows the viewer to walk with him as he stalks and kills his prey. This is an extended look at the film which originally debuted as a short in “The Collective VOL. 6” other the same title.

The story has a very organic believable quality for the most part. At times, I times I did feel there where some “not so believable moments” in the portrayal of Charles Lake but not enough to make this film seem hokey. The atmosphere and chilling subject matter hooks you into the very personal nature of the killer’s story. There are some pretty powerful moments in “I Am No One” that can’t be ignored. Much as most documentary styled films tend to be, this one also has some lull time in the film which loose your attention but it never really flatlines nor does it completely disappoint. It is a chilling and gripping vision that Hoover executes nicely. As I said in my short review of this story - the really cool part of the film is the notion that people like this really are roaming around our society with this very outlook on life playing “red rover” in their psyches.

The visual and special effects attention given in “I Am No One” is really a star personality to be noted. It looked, at times, a bit too real! Especially the bathtub scene! Great special effects on that part. Over all this is a top notch effort from Jason Hoover and does indie horror and film proud. I suggest that anyone who is into the serial killer genre and indie horror check out “I Am No One”. The flow is up and down a tad bit but the energy and atmosphere never really falter so the film is captivating. It is chilling and intense with a pretty unique vision.
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