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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Official Trailer For “Apocalyptic”

apocalypticApocalyptic” is an indie horror directed by Glenn Triggs. The film follows news journalist film crew who become wrapped up in the drama of a doomsday cult. It stars Jane Barry, Geoff Pinfield, David Macrae, Frederique Fouche, Felicity Steel and Nalini Vasudevan. Check out the official trailer for the film below. “Apocalyptic” is filmed in and around the Melbourne, Australia area.

The story of “Apocalyptic” has journalist Jodie Black and her camera man Kevin Horner entering the world of the Bytherainians. An isolated community of women and children living under rule by cult leader Michael Godson. He is a man claiming to be the embodiment of the living god. The film crew soon face the delimma of remaining impartial or break their oath to intervene in the horrors that unfold. 

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