Thursday, June 27, 2013

Trailer Manifests For “The Bake Street Hauntings”

bake-street-hauntings2 million dollars to spend a 7 day stretch in some house?! Well either the rich dude wants to make your dreams come true or your gonna die! This is a horror movie so guess what – your dreams aren’t coming true! Looking at this trailer for “The Bake Street Hauntings” though would suggest that maybe the fan of killer ghost flicks will have a cool little nightmare to enjoy! The found footage film “The Bake Street Hauntings” is already available on VOD over at Amazon and the premise is just as simple and sinister as you would think. A young couple is offered 2 mil to chill in a house for one week.

Directed by Michael Rocco and starring Michael Rocco, Loren Carstens, Elizabeth Burgalassi, Jerry Horror, Matthew Hartmann and Kathy Rocco. A young couple accepts an offer of $2 million to stay in a house for a week. This is the footage. The VOD is here!

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