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A Trashy And Tasteless Ki-Ki: My Interview With Trashology’s Douglas Conner

georgeDouglas Conner lives in Louisville, Kentucky and is one half of the creative force behind reel EPIC Entertainment. He also stars in best friend and Indie filmmaking partner Brian Dorton’s “Trashology”. The anthology that celebrates everything Trash Cinema has given us, most notably the films of cult icon John Waters . It is hilarious, raunchy and witty. Conner who has recently finished school to become a therapist, he holds a degree in Occupational Therapy, plays one half of ‘Inglorious Bitches’ duo, a wild, vigilante gal pal team set out to rid the world of sex offenders. Douglas Conner is also a pretty well rounded guy as you will read in my recent interview with him. We dished about trash cinema, “Trashology”, murder, gay stuff and shit pies. Yeah that seems like a lot of trash to swallow but hey-man up and down that load!

There is a lot of cool things coming our way from not only Douglas Conner the actor, or for the many people he will set out to help with his new edjumacation (fingers crossed) but there is also some pretty great things coming from reel EPIC Entertainment as well. It is great to know that there is a pretty cool and growing community of gay film makers and fans in the Indie community which kind of makes me want to put my forty year old bearded ass in a purple & pink cheer ensemble, grab those bubble gum pink pom-poms and run out into the street long enough to yell –YEAH! But that is an issue for me and my personal therapist. The issue for you all is to read all the trashy and tasteless things that I learned about Douglas Conner in our little internet ki-ki ( not to be confused with kai-kai, because that is a whole ‘nother kinda article).

ASouthernLife: How did you get involved in "Trashology"?

Douglas Conner: Since Brian Dorton and I are best friends, and work on everything together, It was only natural that we would work together on our first feature film. We both love anthologies and thought it was a great idea.

ASouthernLife:  What was your first reaction when you read the script for "Trashology"?

Douglas Conner: Complete trashy chaos! I mean that in a good way of course! Brian and I worked on the script together some, but this was is baby and he ran with it. I can't imagine Trashology any other way. Our original idea for Trashology, was more like Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. The stories wouldn't have been separated, they would have all been ran and mixed together.

ASouthernLife: Did you ever question Brian's sanity-lol?

Douglas Conner: Everyday! Brian is a nut, but you gotta love him. He is my best friend, and he's a wonderful writer, actor, and director. He makes me laugh all the time, and whenever he tells me some crazy story, or dream, I know personally that it is bound to make it into a future script. This is what makes Brian, Brian.
ASouthernLife: How hard was it to get into character? where or who did you draw your inspiration from?

Douglas Conner: Sometimes it can be hard, yes to channel what I need to make Melissa, Melissa. Being more of a character actor, it sorta comes natural at times. Brian originally based the character of Melissa off a co-worker he used to work with. Then I just put my own spin on the character.

ASouthernLife: Which of the characters would you be more likely to kill whether in the heat of the moment or premeditated?

Douglas Conner: Definitely the sex offender Larry. I found that character to be completely disgusting. I would also kill off Ann. She was a total bit*h to Debbie!

ASouthernLife: Which of the characters in the film is your favorite and what was your favorite moment from the film?

Douglas Conner: I would have to say Ms. Green! Rodney did such a great job with this character, and I feel he really made it his own. Brian gave him an outline of the character, and what you seen on screen was all Rodney. Bravo to Brian and Rodney for creating my favorite character in Trashology.

ASouthernLife: How much fun was it working with the other cast members on this film?

Douglas Conner: It was a complete blast from beginning to end. We all had the passion to make a really great film, and I feel we did. Everyone gave 110% and I think it really shows! It's very important to Brian and I that we have fun on set, no matter what, but we also know we all have to work hard.

ASouthernLife: Do you have any fetishes and has anything gone wrong when trying to act out a fantasy?

Douglas Conner: No, I'm a perfect angel. I have zero fetishes or fantasies… NOT! haha of course I do, but I'll keep those private for now!

ASouthernLife: What was the first ever John Water's film you remember as a kid, and which of his film's is your favorite?

MelissaDouglas Conner: The first John Waters film I remember seeing was Serial Mom. That film is one of my all time favorites from Mr. Waters. Even thou it's after the Divine films, it still holds a special place in my heart. Next I saw, Hairspray, which was the first Divine film I ever saw. Then I wanted to see more… So I started from the beginning! I love Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble!! The only John Waters film I have yet to see, or own is PECKER. I plan to buy it in the near future!

ASouthernLife: What do you do when your not making trashy movies?

Douglas Conner: When we were filming Trashology, I was in the middle of college. I have recently graduated with a degree in Occupational Therapy, as a therapist. I really love what I do, and helping people. I am working on a script titled, "I Love You, Michael." It is a gay themed horror, suspense thriller about a troubled man, with a horrible past. The story revolves around Michael, and his long time partner Darren. I am really proud of this script, and I really want to get the project off the ground within the year. Michael Partipilo who's an actor, living and working in Chicago is very interested in the project, and I hope to work with him. Brian and I are currently working on our remake to "Criminally Insane" titled "Crazy Fat Ethel." Brian's script is amazing and I feel horror fan's who love the original, will appreciate this new rendition. Alan Rowe Kelly has already been cast as "Aunt Joyce" and Amanda Jelks has been cast as "Ethel." I'm very excited about this project! We are hoping to finish up "The Horror Network" this year, which is an anthology. Brian had a great idea of incorporating other filmmakers from around the world, and having them submit a short film. We are currently holding on one more short. Then Brian and I will start production on the wrap around segment. I was just cast in "Brett & Kyle" which is a local gay themed film being shot here in Louisville, KY. I will be playing the character of Michael.

ASouthernLife: Have you had any chocolate pie lately?

Douglas Conner: Yes, we recently screened the film to some of the cast and crew that had not seen the finished product. Brian made sure after dinner, that we all had a piece of chocolate pie before we all watched Trashology.

ASouthernLife: If there where a "Trashology" II which characters would you like to see expanded upon?

Douglas Conner: Definitely Ms. Green if she was to return! Actually, I'd love to see a full length feature film called "Ms. Green." Seeing where she came from, and where she's going.

ASouthernLife: Of all the idiosyncrasies portrayed in "Trashology" which would you be most prone to or caught enacting?

Douglas Conner: Definitely shitting in a chocolate pie, and then serving it to any and all of my fellow enemies! LMAO!

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