Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Check Out The Trailer For Japanese Flick “Humanoid Monster, Bem”

bem-movie poster“Humanoid Monster, Bem - The Movie”, an upcoming feature adaptation of the popular Japanese television series will be unleashed on Japanese audiences Dec. 15th, 2012. Check out the trailer below. The film is directed by Shunsuke Kariyama and stars Kazuya Kamenashi, Anne Watanabe and Fuku Suzuki.

Bem (Kazuya Kamenashi) , Bella (Anne Watanabe) and Bello (Fuku Suzuki) are humanoid monsters. Normally they live like a family and have the appearance of humans, but when they get angry or sad they change into ugly monsters. Due to their sense of justice they also help humans, but humans are fearful of them. Bemu, Bella and Bello have been living like this for several hundred years. Their wish is to become humans as soon as possible.

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