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Friday, September 28, 2012

New Poster For “The Hospital” Released

From the sick, twisted minds of Daniel Emery Taylor (writer/co-director), Jim O'Rear (writer/producer), and Tommy Golden (co-director) comes something unlike anything you've ever seen ... the next logical step in horror, torture, and paranormal exploitation. Check out the new poster for “The Hospital”.

This film combines Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Paranormal Activity, and Hostel all together to make a never seen before movie that will shock yet entertain the sick at heart!

There are many legends about the Old St. Leopold’s Hospital, but all the residents of Bridgeport agree on one thing, tortured souls roam it’s abandoned corridors. A young student decides to explore the legend and investigate the paranormal activity of the place for her senior class project. Instead of finding ghosts she instead finds Stanley, a serial rapist-murderer-psychopath! She becomes his new pretty little play thin and as the rest of the team of investigators descend on the premises Stanley finds a new group to play his deadly games with but one thing Stanley forgets, the hospital really is haunted and pissed off!

the hospital poster
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