Monday, September 3, 2012

Christopher Jopp & Ethan Holbrook Are Totally “Buggin’”

a2f4e32d44Christopher Jopp and Ethan Holbrook have kicked off their campaign for funding Indie flick “Buggin’” on Kickstarter. The film focuses on your average everyday suburbia life. Here is their pitch: “We are not making this movie for us, our friends or our families. We are making this movie for YOU! We want it to be big. We want it to impress you and entertain you. We want everybody to see it, in and out of the Twin Cities. But we need your help.
When we came up with the idea for BUGGIN', we decided that if we were going to make it, we had to make it right. This means convincing practical spec

ial effects (NOT CGI), talented actors, a real score played on real instruments, and the right equipment to shoot it with. Unfortunately, none of these things are free.
Our goal amount, taking into account the cut that Kickstarter takes and the cost of distributing the rewards, is just enough to make the movie. Anything we make over the goal will go right into the movie, making it even better. If we make a lot more, it will allow us to start realistically developing more shorts, with the end goal being an anthology movie.”

The synopsis:
Sam's boring summer is brightened when the beautiful Mary moves in next door, but things get complicated when Sam discovers a terrible secret about her parents. He must fight to prevent their nefarious plans for their daughter in this wry suburban twist on monster movies and teenage romance.

Now check out the teaser!

Facebook Page and Kickstarter

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Anonymous said...

I hope Christopher Jopp and his crew will make "BUGGIN 2" to "BUGGIN 3" sequels really soon. And they should do a several more creature special fx and do several or twenty more body bulging bladder fx.


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