Monday, July 9, 2012

When We Join Jesus In Hell By Lee Thompson

Book Worth Reading:

cover_wwjjihLee Thompson’s When We Join Jesus In Hell won’t be available until Sept. 25 2012 from Dark Fuse but I wanted to go ahead and mention it name simple because with a title this impactful it is definitely on my radar of future reads.

Home, he thinks, Where the heart bleeds freely.
A hell of a boxer, he earned the nickname 'Fist' back in the day. But during the past eight years, he's transformed into somebody he no longer knows—a weak, pitiful, and passionless office drone.
Barely hanging onto the last thread of his self-respect, he returns home one night to discover Hell has truly crossed its threshold.
And Hell has lessons to teach him through what fragments remain.
Slivers of dark light.
Knowledge in blood.
Forgiveness, clarity and redemption in commitment.

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