Sunday, June 3, 2012

Over The Darkening Fields By Scott Thomas

Book Worth Reading:

Over The Darkening Fields is a collection of 26 short stories by Scott Thomas.

In the present... A young woman explores the mysteries of death through the paintings of an engimatic artist. A young couple discovers a restless antique doll in a cemetery. The charred bodies of homeless men appear in the snowy alleys of Boston. A strange mural with an appetite for bones haunts a deserted house.
In the past... A woman roams the slums of London hoping to be Jack the Ripper's next victim. Night after night a man dreams of his lonely lover and trip to a strange museum. Following a tragic accident, a widow orders the construction of a secret chamber with walls thick enough to muffle screams.
In a strange city, long ago... Women are blinded at birth; this has been the law for over 500 years. Now they can see, and they are coming back from the grave to take their revenge. A cryptographer struggles to solve the mystery that may save the living from the dead.
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