Friday, March 23, 2012

My Review Of "Men In Black: The Dark Watchers"

    Filmed in a very artistic and dream like style "The Dark Watchers" follows three women who are searching for UFO's in an area that is considered highly active with phenomenon. Apparently the whole town is dealing with abduction and sighting issues that have drawn attention from the paranormal community. The sightings are accompanied by the mysterious Men In Black.
    The picture is shot in a confluence of images ranging from abstract to the avant-garde as the story flows from  voyeuristic scenes coupled with near dream sequences. The thing that makes this constant shift in photography techniques work is the ever present soundtrack that at times feels more like a music video than a film. The sounds are almost hypnotic and unnerving as the music sets the mood for the changing scenes with perfect intensity.
    The actual story stays somewhat hidden and mysterious depending more on imagery and reaction to tell the tale and leaving the dialogue to only accent the women's lives as they realize the true terror of their ordeal. A risky approach for a film to take but if done well can make for a very intense and dramatic viewing experience. "The Dark Watchers" succeeds at times in this objective creating a very artistic and stylized piece yet at other key moments a stronger dialogue would have better served the film.
     The Men In Black become more like shadows lurking around the women never making themselves known, like ghostly figures haunting the surrounding spaces. When they finally do become known it is too late for the tormented cast. These are not the Men In Black popularly represented by Will Smith instead these are dark cold figures of UFO lore.
     "Men In Black: The Dark Watchers" is from Reality Films and is due out 5/8/2012. If you like artistic films that are very abstract and avant-garde then see this film. If however you need CGI and all the bells-n-whistles when watching a sci-fi or horror film then skip this picture. I for one found it intense and visually deep. I feel more cinematically intellectual for having seen "The Dark Watchers". If you would like to know more on this film check out Reality Films at .

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