Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Prizm" Short Breathes Fresh Life Into Sci-Fi Genre

Corridor Digital will release a new short film on July 1st titled Prizm .
Set in the year 2032, two young urban explorers break in to a science conference (creatively named Sci-Con) being put on by one of the leading tech companies of their time, Shizuka Inc. Shizuka has a star scientist within their ranks, a certain Dr. Blackwell. He has invented a teleportation device, which he is set to debut to the world at this conference.

Unfortunately for Dr. Blackwell, the two young urban explorers (Vadim and Nessa) have found themselves in the room where the PRISM (personal teleportation device) has just been prepped for the stage.  The scientist enters the room, but before he can retrieve the device, the two kids panic, and accidentally trigger the device, beaming them out of the building.

With the ultimate discovery in their hands, Vadim and Nessa are now on the run from the private security forces of Shizuka. Even Dr. Blackwell himself has donned his older prototype teleporter to chase the two kids down. Utilizing energy weapons, futuristic guns, and the PRISM itself, Vadim and Nessa fight to escape with their lives and the PRISM.

Based on the trailer this begs to be seen as more than the usual Youtube Channel stuff produced. Here is the Trailer for "Prizm". Hopefully this film will see a full length feature in its future. It is a great story and based on the trailer it will be a damn good short film also.

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