Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Voodoo Cowboys" Trailer from Dark Roast Releasing

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Hurricane Katrina strikes Louisiana, laying waste to New Orleans and much of the Louisiana coast. Some see it as God's punishment, others as a natural disaster with terrible repercussions, plenty folk call it a zombie apocalypse, others just say s*** happens. But every hoodoo slinger this side of the Mason Dixon Line knows that a boko named Duv Alier used the hurricane to bind the loa spirit named Papa Ghede, The Lord of the Dead. With Papa Ghede no longer holding the doors to the land of the dead, the spirits have returned to the world, possessing the living. The only people to remain free from possession were those happy few who were spiritually strong enough to fight off the loa, or those with the gris gris charms to protect themselves. A group of slingers, going by the names of Doctor John, Reese and Shaner wander the back-roads of the South, scavenging for food and killing any zombies that get in their way. A radio broadcast from a whiskey drinking rogue disc jockey named Mama Juice tells of a powerful blues song that, when played by a slinger, can defeat Duvalier, free Papa Ghede, and send the loa spirits back to the land of the dead for good. The slingers make their way to the station through a post apocalyptic landscape filled with zombies on a collision course with Duvalier, his psychotic minions and their own troubled past. Get some.
Voodoo Cowboys Trailer from Jeffrey Miller on Vimeo.

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