Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Dracula 3D" Begins Shooting In February

Dario Argento's "Dracula 3D" begins shooting in February and if this was not Argento I would say enough fucking 3D shit already! I have watched 3D and just as in the 80's I don't get it. Maybe my eyes are defective but honestly I don't see any difference as far as my picture going experience. The only thing I have noticed is "thank the gods I don't have to fucking wear glasses" because I would MaGoo it through life! However this is Dario Argento and it is going to be a true period Dracula film that is going to stick to Bram's vision of the Dark Seductive Demon of History.

According to HorrorBid.com ..."The film will be a period set faithful adaption of the novel, it will begin shooting in Italy and Hungary in February. The movie will be made in English. Not much more information is known at this time but we know some of you blood suckers will be interested in this news hot of the wire."

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