Friday, May 5, 2017

Midnight Releasing Acquires “WTF” For North American Distribution

Midnight Releasing, one of the top distributors of independent films in the global marketplace, has recently acquired Peter Herro’s horror film “WTF” for North American distribution. Distribution plans are currently underway, which will include a North American DVD release on the indie-horror label Midnight Releasing and a wide VOD run. 
About The Film:
WTF! is writer/director Peter Herro’s first feature, and his love letter to classic horror films. In 2000, Peter first delved into the world of horror with his short film Don’t Look Behind You, where a killer - in a mask – sought
revenge on his friends after leaving him for dead. That film sparked a desire within Peter that grew with each year: make a full-length film. It took multiple years of writing, hustling for investors, and it required a strong
commitment, and a "never give up and fight for the film you want to make" attitude from Peter and his team. In 2015, Cthulhu Crush Productions joined on as executive producers. Having his full vision realized was the goal for director Peter Herro, and he couldn't be prouder of the final result. WTF! has many moments that make you say “What The F*ck!” It is a true B-horror flick with a lot of heart...and a lot of gore.

“It took me a very long time to put together the cast and crew. I spent three months in auditions making sure the actors fit the parts, were up to the challenge, and had the same passion as I did. Equally as important was interviewing crew members to get the right people for the jobs. I am so happy and thrilled for the team I have working on this project. Everyone put in 100% and gave it their all.” – Peter Herro, Director
“WTF” will be released on VOD and DVD on August 1, 2017. The film will be available on major platforms: Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, and Steam. With additional platforms to be announced. Official artwork provided above, and more news coming soon! Fans can get connected via the official Facebook and Twitter (#WTFmovie). There is also more information on the official website!

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