Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Crowd Funding For Mark Hamill's "Aliens VS Nuns" Campaign

Crowd Funding has started for Mark Hammill's "Aliens VS Nuns" feature. The campaign is set up on Kickstarter. Aliens Vs Nuns is an action packed adventure film set in recent times, steeped with historical facts, myths and legends which will question the way that we look at the world.

On a secluded island off the coast of Britain, a small group of nuns are resident at a convent retreat. While fighting their inner daemons, the nuns search for inner peace. They soon find themselves facing a new kind of evil from beyond our world.
Sister Anne Louise is a troubled young nun. After the death of her younger sister, Anne Louise turned to the church seeking comfort, then answers. She found no answers but found comfort at the bottom of a bottle. She is offered an opportunity to face her problems by taking residence at Stonehaven Convent retreat.
Shortly after arriving, a series of mysterious events culminate with one of Sister Anne Louise’s new found sisters going missing. She is soon pulled into a world of secrets, mystery, horror and adventure as she teams up with the local ranger to unravel the secrets of the island.
The ultimate battle between good and evil is about to begin.

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