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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Review Of "Christmas At Dracula's"

Simon McKeon' "Christmas At Dracula's" is a folly, (modern French definition), into the world of Dracula after the world has forgotten him. The horror comedy is a total homage to the glory days when cinema and fans revelled in tales of classic monsters made famous, in part, thanks to Universal. "Christmas At Dracula's" is McKeon's love letter of sorts to that era and a horror icon, who unlike his predicament suggests in this film, will never be forgotten by the world.
Synopsis: "Christmas at Dracula's" is
told through the eyes of The Invisible Man. Count Dracula has hit rock bottom, so with the help of his noble companion Igor, he decides to throw the greatest Christmas party of all time. But when two killers arrive at the door, things slowly begin to spiral out of control. And Dracula's faith lies in the hands of one creature...death himself!
"Christmas At Dracula's" stars Conor Dwane, Michael O'Dowd, Lorraine Comiskey, Noelle Clarke, John Browne, Art Kelleher, Jerry O'Mullane, Johnathan O'Dwyer, Dave McGuire, Lochlainn McKenna, Conor Slattery, Mary Pappin, Colin Patrick Kelleher, and Dave Coon. All give great pop performances as iconic creatures of lore and the American duo of psycho killers is a total delight that modernizes the monster movie while stating clearly that the homicidal maniac is completely part of the classic horror story. Plus Booth and Oswald scream for their own twisted tale in a spin-off flick.
Personally I enjoyed this film a lot. It has a heavy stage production feel that leans on art-house  expressionism. The writing is witty with plenty of humor, dark humor and slapstick. It also takes that really deep more serious turn into existentialism. "Christmas At Dracula's" keeps a steady, reserved pace that allows the characters and dialog to carry this story, the action sequences take on a graphic novel look which is brilliant. The film won't appeal to those looking for a lot of bloody, fast-paced action but for indie horror fans"Christmas At Dracula's" offers a perfect mix of story, character, theater and humor. Definitely check it out.
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