Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Review Of "All Hell Breaks Loose"

"All Hell Breaks Loose" is a throwback to the gringhouse days of the drive-in, and the cult film. It is directed by Jeremy Garner and stars Mike Bazanele, Nick Forrest, Joshua Lee Frazier, Leif Fuller, Ryan Gregg, April Mai, Tommy Hestmark, and Big Dave Levick. The fast flick manages to utilize those effects that make us long for the old days of grindhouse, the sketchy somewhat damaged filmstrip, creative characters and exploitative nature, without turning the effort into a cluttered joke flick.

Synopsis: "All Hell Breaks Loose" is the story of love, leather, and violence. When the Satan's Sinners, a vicious motorcycle gang from hell, kidnaps one man's bride, they bite off more than they can chew. Now the man is out to save his wife, any way he can... even if it means dying over and over again. With the help of a shit-kicking sheriff, a perverted priest, and a cowboy who just might be God, all hell is bound to break loose.

The basics of "All Hell Breaks Loose" is not completely original, the biker gang, innocent couple and horrorific intersection of lives is classic. What the film does offer is a fresh view of that classic in a creative and full throttled flick. I loved most of the crazy, evil characters in the biker gang, the action and humor hit on point, and the story was robust.

I have mixed emotions about the special effects. There is a hefty amount of both practical and CGI, plus Garner has an understanding of the right balance of both, I just felt the CGI gunshots and blood splatter did more to kill the good vibe of "All Hell Breaks Loose". However the practical gore and horror is worthy, and the grindhouse attitude and road horror feel forgive the CGI choices here.

Overall I enjoyed " All Hell Breaks Loose" and intend on adding it to my collection. It is a near perfect example of modern throwback to Cult Cinema. The CGI may turn off some viewers, and there is a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor, but it the exploitation, gore and guts that turn me on with this one. I think most modern grindhouse fans will appreciate this homage to those glory gory days of the cult film!

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