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Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Review Of "OMG! We're In A Horror Movie"

Ajala Bandele's horror Comedy "OMG! We're In A Horror Movie" attempts to play on the cliché and somewhat amusing aspects of traditional slasher archetypes. The Indie flick starsBrendan Mcgowan, Sharon Mae, Shanna Malcolm, Nils Janson, Chris Hampton, and Ajala Bandele. It is out now for fans of the horror Comedy subgenre to check out, just be warned that "OMG! We're In A Horror Movie" falls short when compared to the humorous and spoof-filled films that it aims to be like.

The story Bandele gives us is a great conceptual romp with some awesome potential. Unfortunately the originality and creativity gets lost among overused and played out situations and gimmicks. Most of what "OMG! We're In A Horror Movie" offers can be seen in other horror comedies with better results. This film misses on the funny on many levels. Don't get me wrong, the movie has some softer moments of entertainment and genuinely funny moments, just not enough to sustain the entire film.

The acting and cinematography are great. The cast are committed to the characters, and some cast give quick, witty performances of a well-written script. Most of what fails "OMG! We're In A Horror Movie" is that pesky lack of originality and loss of humor due to poor comedic timing. Ajala Bandele does hit the mark on some of his direction he takes with the film, the atmosphere and quick report between the characters keep the scenes moving nicely. 

Overall "OMG! We're In A Horror Movie" fails simply due to a lack of creative and original story design. Mostly missed opportunity with more developed kill scenes, and spoofier dramatics that could have been amped up a bit more. The musical score was a bright spot, so was the actual characters themselves. But the slasher Comedy has been done over and over and better. Watch with an understanding that there isn't a lot happening in "OMG! We're In A Horror Movie" that is entertaining. : (
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