Friday, September 25, 2015

Horror Fan's Have A Chance At Free Screening of "Young, High And Dead" - The Director's Cut

Brand New Director’s Cut of ‘Young, High and Dead’ is being screened free online for horror fans this Sunday at 7:00pm (UK BST - or 11:00am PDT). Plus there will be a live Q&A session after the screening with writer/director Luke Brady.

Rum Punch Productions & Beyond The Gore are pleased to announce that Young, High and Dead (YHAD) has received a brand new edit for 2015 along with a new poster (see attached) by Ryan Woodhouse and to celebrate they are holding a live screening this Sunday - 27th September at 7:00pm followed by a live Q&A with writer/director Luke Brady. You can follow the event with the hashtag #THMassacre to ask questions about YHAD or Luke’s new film project ‘The Highridge Massacre’ is set to air on’s online horror channel.
You can watch the screening for free here:
or on Ustream via the following channel:

Young, High and Dead - stars Hannah Tointon (The Inbetweeners & The Children), Louisa Lytton (Payback Season & BBC’s Eastenders) & Philip Barantini (Ned Kelly & HBO’s Band of Brothers)
Synopsis: A camping trip descends into chaos when a group of friends pitch up next to the grave of a local missing child. As the killer watches them it’s not long before a night of drink and drugs turns into a waking nightmare when the group awake in the early hours to find they have been shackled and chained to trees. Will the group stick together and exit the forest alive? Or will the killer leave them all Young, High and Dead?
Director’s statement: Luke Brady
When YHAD was first released in 2013 it received some amazing reviews and the feedback was generally positive but deep down I knew that the overall pacing and structure could be improved and this began to gnaw away at me. A few minor alterations were not going to work, I felt I needed to be really aggressive with YHAD so I took a meat cleaver to the film and chopped the whole thing to pieces. It was a messy experience and a lot of chunks were left on the cutting room floor but I ended up with a new version of the film that is a lot closer to the original story I wanted to tell. I call it the dirty cut because it’s even more gritty and raw than before.
I hope people enjoy the new cut of Young, High and Dead.

Luke is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for his new web series called The Highridge Massacre which follows on from the story of Young, High and Dead. He is trying to raise £2500 by October the 2nd and is currently at just over %60 of the target.
You can find out more information about the project and the rewards that are on offer by clicking the link below.

You can find more information about both projects via

Check out A Southern Life In Scandalous Times earlier article/interview with Luke Brady about "The Highridge Massacre here: Luke Brady's Slasher Series Follow Up To "Young, High & Dead"

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