Tuesday, July 14, 2015

"ALIENS: ZONE-X" Sci-fi Action Finally Completed!!

Park Ranger Don Morgan is torn from his routine life, when he stumbles upon a UFO visitation in the arid, deserted Park Area where he resides. An inexplicable, bizarre power outage knocks out all electronics and communications, stranding a carload of hikers in the park, and downing a small plane. Searching for hydration in the blistering heat, Don must lead the survivors across an apparently abandoned Military Testing area (similar to "Area 51") called "ZONE-X". 

Is it the sun, dehydration, or is something else (a covert government mind control test or possibly aliens) playing tricks on their minds, confusing them with harrowing mirages? In order to end the extra-terrestrial's experiment on humanity, Don must summon newly found paranormal abilities and battle his arch rival "The Madman" (also stranded in the park) not to mention gigantic marauding creature monstrosities (cyborg spiders, flying beasts, huge reptiles) "created" by the Alien Greys.

"Aliens: Zone X" is directed by Thomas R. Dickens and stars David J. Burke, Holly Poplawski, Wallace Dorian, Chris Harper, Travon L. Collins, Jai Johnston, Teresa Giammusso, Jason P. Edwards, Jessica Walker, James J. Zito III. Check out the trailer released back in June for the film. "Aliens: Zone X" is in the process of festival submissions and presenting for potential distribution deals.

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