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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

First Teasers Released For Web Series “Paradise University” Season 3

Paradise UniversityJustin H. Guess returns this summer with an all new season of supernatural drama ‘Paradise University’. If you haven’t been watching the struggle between good & evil, and that perfect GPA pulling the students and townies of Paradise Landing then shame on you! It is marvelously delicious, with more melodrama and paranormal chaos than a ‘Passions’ story-line, and enough supernatural creatures to make Milton, Poe, and Goethe catch the big O from beyond the grave. I am enthralled with the complex story that weaves treachery, spell-casting, and the occult into these clashing lives of students and locals in a town that is a beacon for the curiositeit.

Paradise University’ is a small college in Paradise Landing on Milton's Island. The island is off of the New England coastline and only acceptable by ferry. It is infamous for its inclusive atmosphere, rocky beaches, lush woodlands and charming, old world buildings. However, dark secrets lurk in the shadows of Paradise Landing. A group of misfit students challenge malevolent forces with terrible consequences.

PU still
Season 3 continues the drama that surrounds the supernatural residents trying to live alongside the mortal class. Guess has created a community that is more dynamic and evolving than any out there. All while focusing mostly on LGB&T issues that just get compounded by these extraordinary entities and oddities of a magical world. Check out these three teasers for Season 3 that have just been released.

“When Michael Waite came to Paradise Landing he didn't expect his life to go in the direction it is heading. Encounters turn from class rooms to cave dwellings, lectures to incantations. The University's performance arts class have taken a turn for the dark in Michael's world. Romance and revenge collide when Michael meets a paranormal investigator, a vampire, a werewolf, a mermaid and a cavalcade of characters in Paradise Landing.

A small college town, Paradise Landing is privy to beautiful scenery, quaint little shops, a seaside bar a variety of characters and a mysteriously deadly virus that is decimating the entire student body. Personalities are bound to clash when egos, testosterone and sex are in the mix. Will Michael succumb to the pressures of his inner demons and finally find romance or will his life be forever changed for the worse when the past comes back to haunt him.”



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