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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Behind The Scenes Video And Interviews With ‘Paradise University’

PU stillGet a fun, behind the scene look at ‘Paradise University’ with this bloopers filled insight to filming the supernatural web series. ‘Paradise University’ is created by Justin H. Guess and gearing up for its third season. The series continues the drama that surrounds the supernatural residents trying to live alongside the mortal class. Guess has created a community that is more dynamic and evolving than any out there. All while focusing mostly on LGB&T issues that just get compounded by these extraordinary entities and oddities of a magical world.

Paradise University’ stars Declyn Charles, Anne Austin, Jon Tyler, Joe Bailey, Alan Stogner, Blayne Ackerman, Carine Callo, Michael Sinard, Deborah Melvin and Christy Rach. ‘Paradise University’ is a small college in Paradise Landing on Milton's Island. The island is off of the New England coastline and only acceptable by ferry. It is infamous for its inclusive atmosphere, rocky beaches, lush woodlands and charming, old world buildings. However, dark secrets lurk in the shadows of Paradise Landing. A group of misfit students challenge malevolent forces with terrible consequences. Also check out the cast interviews as they go into the new season.


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