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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Review Of Zombie Drama Short “Like There’s No Tomorrow”

LTNTKyle Schiffert’s zombie/drama is an emotional character study framed around an outbreak that leaves one man alone, dealing with his own mortality, as he comes to terms with being infected by the zombie virus. The short film stars Owen McCuen and is twenty-five minutes of heartfelt, poignant drama. The story follows Joe as he deals with his fast approaching death, coping with the inevitability of the situation, he struggles through various stages of grief.

The story is a strong, deeply personal piece that emotes with a somber tone. Schiffert takes a thoughtful, restrained approached in bringing the story to life, with McCuen giving a pretty tight performance. “Like There’s No Tomorrow” doesn’t manducate on the zombie aspect, instead the short film chooses to softly, focus on the human experience of coping with infection while isolated from all you know and love. It has heart.

“Like There’s No Tomorrow” doesn’t present new concepts of zombification, there is no actual zombies shown. There is just the simple element of horror as one man deals with dying, framed by the outbreak. Schiffert has real talent and potential in both writing and directing. I felt a real connection with the character, Joe, as he struggled. “Like There’s No Tomorrow” is a nice dramatic tale that captures the emotion of it all, something a lot of the feature films showcasing this side of the zombie outbreak have failed to do in the past.

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