Friday, August 8, 2014

Details And First Images From “Frankenstein’s Patchwork Monster” Released

The first images for “Frankenstein’s Patchwork Monster” have been released along with full details about the project. “Frankenstein’s Patchwork Monster” is being directed by Emil Novak and described as a “Steampunk Horror” film. I like the concept.

PMPress Release:
Currently in production is an imaginative and original Frankenstein film, and genre veteran Melantha Blackthorne is attached to star. Its title is Frankenstein’s Patchwork Monster.

Arguably, when it comes to iconic monsters, the first one that comes into mind is usually “Frankenstein’s monster.” It has been done to death some would say, though the producers of this steampunk noir-horror film would strongly disagree. 

Writer/director/producer Emil J. Novak, Sr., says: “Having Melantha involved with this film production has allowed us to go places we could only have dreamed of without her. Her knowledge and acting experience brings a new and refreshing twist to the Bride character.”

The film also stars an assortment of talented local actors: the charismatic Bill Kennedy as Dr. Frankenstein; the unpretentious Patrick Mallette as Dr. Frankenstein’s humble assistant, Herman; Annmarie Bahny; Bob Bozek; Daniel James; Sean Sanders; and Mike Sciabarrasi to name a few.
This production has its share of the good doctor’s monsters and, of course, brides of Frankenstein. Here’s what co-producers Annmarie Bahny and Daniel James have to say about the film: “We are enormously energized to be acting and also producing in this film; being on both sides of the camera allows us to see how striking the overall production is so far and how awe-inspiring its script plays out in every way.”

Regarding the cast, Novak continues: “When we read for the role of Dr. Frankenstein, we were astounded. The first thing that came to my mind was, ‘Wow, this guy IS Dr. Frankenstein!’ Watch out, horror genre; there is a new face of the macabre, and Bill Kennedy is that new face!”

Growing up on horror films from the 1960s and 1970s, one is not hard pressed to be creatively influenced by Hammer Horror and Roger Corman’s Poe cycle of films. This film doesn’t flinch at its influences and strives to homage innovative directors such as Terrance Fisher, William Friedkin, James Whale, and the aforementioned Roger Corman.

As of now plans are in place for a premiere in October 2014.






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