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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Trailer No. 3 For “Witch”

wA new trailer has been released for Trevor Hayward’s “Witch”. The film stars Leila Kotori, Sean Cronin, Natalie Taylor, Luke Kidd, Katie Sheridan, Eaoifa Forward, Mark Preston, Robert J.Scott, Lucy Edwards, Ritchi Edwards, Jason Newell, Caolan McClafferty, Natalie Bennett, Scott Musgrave, Shane Hart, Michael Absalom, Becca Steele, Zoe Ross, David Potter, and Lucien Morgan as Lord Victor Stanbury.

“Our Fears – do we ever overcome them?
The monster hiding under the bed... the unknown horror that lies in wait in the dark... the bogeyman in the closet...

The stories that frighten us when we are young leave their mark deep in the psyche and never stray far from our consciousness...

When a group of random strangers are interviewed for a television documentary investigating the nature of fear, it appears that a strange and dark connection somehow links them.

One person’s story in particular stands out from the rest – Rachel Gowen is determined to seek out her past and confront her fears by returning to the remote village she left as a child.

...and it's deepest, darkest secrets.?

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