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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Crowd Funding For S.O.V. Anthology “Scream Machine”

1screamgrindhouseA crowd funding campaign has started for low budget S.O.V. anthology “Scream Machine”. The film, from the producers of “Death By VHS”, Deadly Indie Entertainment features five bloody tales in classic video style from Directors Walter Reuther, David Sabal and Jacob O'Neal. “Scream Machine” features everything from bunny suit killers to a santa slayer and the undead. The campaign is taking place over on

A battered and mysterious VCR...A bevy of lethal video- tapes... These are the building blocks of horror in "SCREAM MACHINE". A mind blowing descent into madness and death. Five shocking vignettes, designed to take your sanity and devour your soul! Mild curiosity leads to severe consequences when a couple rents a supposedly cursed video cassette recorder. An urban legend renowned for leaving a trail of agonizing and torturous death. Unbelieving, they take the plunge... And another legend is horrifyingly born... Do you dare give fate a winning hand, and test yourself against the hellish consequences of the SCREAM MACHINE? Insert Cassette Press Play...DIE!

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