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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sub Rosa Studios "Kitty Killers" VHS Artwork Contest

1Sub Rosa Studios is holding another "Design the Artwork" contest for their upcoming SRS Weekend release of Todd Reynold's "Kitty Killers" (late July, exact date TBA). We had held one previously for "Living a Zombie Dream" in which SRS superfan Joe Pesch won, earning him a free copy of the release and seeing his work featured on all copies. But for this contest, we are doing something different, and each entry has a chance to make the artist some money! Read on...

1) The winner will receive a free copy of the release featuring his art work.
2) The winner's art will be featured on the 11x17 poster.
3) All entrants will have the option of getting their art, whether they won or not, printed on their VHS if they decide to order this release.
4) Our top 5 art entries will be available for order for ALL CUSTOMERS, and each time it is ordered the artist will receive $2 from SRS (this includes any copies you buy for yourself). The movie will go up for sale on a Friday morning. There will be an unlimited # of copies available for the SRS Weekend, so whatever sells, sells, and the title will be cut off for the sales the following Monday morning.
5) All entries are due by end of day July 14th, 2014 to be considered for the contest.

All entries should be sized at 4 3/4" wide x 7 1/2" high, submitted as a 300 dpi .jpg. Please keep 1/4" around the borders for anything important as it could get cut off. PLEASE also keep in mind the Sub Rosa logo will cover the bottom right corner of your art. You can choose to include the title of the movie in your art or leave a spot for us to add the title when we lay out the cover. If you include the title, make sure it will not be cut off the by the SRS logo in bottom right corner.

Here are some stills from the film to help create design for “Kitty Killers”. All entries should be emailed through the SRS Facebook page.









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