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Monday, March 3, 2014

Release Date Set For “MurderDrome” DVD

Camp Motion Pictures and Daniel Armstrong’s Australian slasher “MurderDrome” has a North American release date set. The film starring Kat Anderson, Rachael Blackwood, Jake Brown, and Anthony Cincotta will be released on DVD August 26th along with an online digital release.

MurderDrome-DVDRoller derby dames take on supernatural evil. Cherry Skye just wants to skate, but the vengeful ghost of a killer has plans for her soul. Trapped between the wrath of love scorned and supernatural evil, Skye races towards The MurderDrome at breakneck speed. When she gets there there’s no guarantees anyone is coming out alive.

Welcome to The MurderDrome, it’s not a game anymore…

The film will hit DVD in its homeland earlier..
Press Release:
Strongman Pictures Entertainment announces the release of the world’s first roller derby slasher film on DVD across Australia on March 19th (through Monster Pictures Australia) and the Official DVD Launch Party on March 9th at Melbourne’s own Cherry Bar on AC/DC Lane.
MURDERDOME is an up-tempo masterpiece of grindhouse insanity and as the world’s first Roller Derby slasher extraveganza, is one of the most hotly anticipated films in the indie-genre universe. Armed with an authentic cast of real-life roller derby gals and tunes from Australia’s best punk and rock-a-billy bands, MURDERDROME is bringing Aussie exploitation back, and it’s on a pair of bloody rollerskates!
MURDERDROME launches on DVD across Australia on March 19th and will be available through JB HIFI and selected retailers. Copies can be pre-ordered now through the JB HIFI website. The official DVD Launch party is being hosted by melbourne’s world renowned Cherry Bar ( and features a unique screening of the film and sets from The Mercy Kills ( and Sydney’s The Dark Shadows ( – both bands contributing songs to the film soundtrack.
To promote the launch Strongman Pictures released a series of videos based on the concept of The Mercy Kills vs Murderdrome, the series, culminating in a music video, [see below].
While on the rink, Roller Derby sensation, Cherry Skye catches the eye of Brad and sparks fly. She also catches the ire of Brad’s ex, and her Roller Derby nemesis Hell Grazer! If that isn’t bad enough, the heat generated by this romantic rivalry arouses a malevolent, meat hook wielding, demon, hungry for human souls – especially Skye’s! The demon murderess unleashes bloody havoc on Skye and her hapless team mates. Trapped between the wrath of Hell Grazer and a Satanic assassin on rollerblades, Cherry has no option but face both in a blood-drenched showdown in Hell’s rollerderby rink – THE MURDERDROME.
Premiering at Monster Fest 2013, MurderDrome has been garnered praise from fans and critics alike:
“Director Daniel Armstrong rivals Quentin Tarantino in his zest for girl-on-girl violence” – The Age
MurderDrome was produced by Melbourne based production company Strongman Pictures Entertainment, and written, directed and edited by Daniel Armstrong. Daniel has worked on a number of Australian DIY features, including Richard Wolstencroft’s The Beautiful & Damned, Brett Anstey’s Damned By Dawn and his first, as yet unreleased, feature film, From Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl.
“To say MurderDrome was a labour of love is an understatement. It was produced over three years on the smell of an oily rag. It was shot in conditions that were less than favourable with a tiny part-time crew. It’s my hope that all of this has ultimately translated into a hyper-coloured, fast paced and fun little film that invites its audience along for the ride.” Daniel Armstrong – Director
Monster Pictures will be opening the gates to the MurderDrome on the 19th of March. Come in and get your copy on DVD. The DVD will include a Cast and Crew Picture-in-Picture Commentary, Gag ‘n’ Stack reel, VFX Breakdown, Music Video’s and Trailers.

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