Friday, March 7, 2014

Crowd Funding Is Ongoing For Greek Splatter Film “Carnivore”

carnivore“Carnivore” is a splatter film out of Greece, (something I don’t get much of is Greek horror), that I am happy to share with horror fans. The film is directed by Dimitris Vavatsis and there is a crowd funding campaign happening right now over at Indiegogo.

The story is about Menelaos, a man who has decided to take revenge on the person who murdered his parents fifteen years ago by torturing and killing the murderer’s family. It’s a Greek horror/splatter home invasion film with elements of gore, torture and sexploitation for fans of the kind.


Aris Deligiannidis had this to say about his vision for this project, “Even though this specific genre is barely available in Greece, if not completely ignored, we tried to make a film that would fit into the arbitrary and subjective standards of the artistic cinematic product. Most importantly though, this film comes with the intention to shock, provoke, even insult in some cases, as do films of this genre, responding to the viewers' desire to have their emotions provoked with every development in plot, either positive or negative.”



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