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Sunday, October 13, 2013

First Trailer For Argentinian Thriller “Olvidame” Released

olvidameThe first official trailer for Argentinian thriller “Olvidame/Forget” has been released. The film comes from director Aldo Paparella and melds together aspects of fantasy, mystery and thriller. It stars Antonella Costa, Gonzalo Valenzuela, Mario Alarcón and Marco Antonio Caponi.

Forget is a thriller that takes place in the suburbs of Greater Buenos Aires.  Victor (Gonzalo Valenzuela), a young man, attractive and mysterious performs is the preacher and leader of an obscure sect of spiritualist. Victor, is a compulsive murderer, exercises systematically killing prostitutes and casual partners.

Ambar Atlas, (Antonella Costa), is a young stripper at a nightclub/brothel. She possesses an unconventional beauty and exhilarating and disturbing sexuality. A Christian, Amber longs for death, using sex as a vehicle for her own destruction.

Unable to stop the inevitable, Amber and Victor fall in love, viscerally and passionately, attracting and repelling violently one another, aware of the proximity of danger inescapable that stalks them both. Together they embark on a dark and tortuous journey in order to find the miraculous salvation they desire, far removed from mediums, sorcerers and shamans with their strange false rites.







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