Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Collective Is Back! Details On “The Collective V.4” Anthology

The guys behind “The Collective” horror anthology series are back yet again with “The Collective V.4”.  The one of a kind short films based on a single theme will show us the dark side of ‘Emotions’ in this fourth installment of the anthology collection. Once more we will have 10 short films from 10 different directors all focusing their twisted vision on the subject of ‘emotions’. Volume 4 will make it’s debut at the Days of the Dead Indianapolis, IN July 6th 2012. There will be a vendor table set up and on the 7th there will be a world premiere screening of the film. On July 9th “The Collective V.4” will be released through the filmmakers various sites as well as online retailers.
“The Collective V.4” will feature Red Panic Button Films director Cameron Scott, Over Analyzed Productions director David Paul Bonnell, Liberty Or Death Productions director James Mannan, Jabb Pictures director Jason Hoover, 3 O’Clock Productions director Jim Dougherty, Spiral Filmworks director Jason Hoover, Freakwolf Productions director Bryan Wolford, Cinephreak Pictures director Jacob Bilinski, Winged Dolphin Pictures director David Ross, Dustin Mills Productions director Dustin Mills.

Movie stills from some of the short films in “The Collective V.4”

"Happy Hooker Bang Bang":

"Luke 1:71":


"Death Do Us Part":





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