Monday, April 30, 2012

“Bunnyman 2” Trailer

“Bunnyman” was good, I mean really good. I actually have it in my system for Easter horror because it has the whole bunny suit thing happening and it is so hard to find good slaughter movies to celebrate Easter with! Yeah I know this is not about an Easter thing but I am making it one in my warped mind.
From the Press Release
Joe and Bunnyman's adventure continue in a rural ghost town. Bunnyman's blood lust knows no bounds, as he slaughters indiscriminately anything that crosses his path. Joe is all too happy to encourage his behavior, selling the dead victims as beef jerky in his local store.
However, in the mutually beneficial relationship, cracks that start to emerge. As the bodies pile up, including a couple dozen kids in a school bus, Bunnyman's body count is becoming more problematic. Joe is forced to dispose the bodies by any means necessary. A problem he exacerbates by occasionally joining in on the rampage.
In addition to Joe's body disposal problem, the local sheriff becomes suspicious with the disappearance of a few of his deputies. His investigation crosses paths with two persistent sisters that refuse to die at the hands of Joe and Bunnyman. Some will live, and some will die, but all will be damaged.

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