Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Apocalypse is a little disappointing!

So I have been waiting with baited breath for doomsday as long as I can remember. To be exact it was 1984 when I first made the attempt to read the book of revelations as a teen. That book gave me nightmares for weeks but I loved it and started looking and waiting for signs ever since. I would gleefully smile as I went thru the check out at Walmart and later every other store in town and gaze at that red laser beam of light that magically priced and identified my items and total due. My grandmother had told me that that was a sign of the coming "mark of the beast". I was excited because I had read about that in the bible! Then later in the late nineties I read the Left Behind series which just further pulled me into the whole apocalyptic obsessive focus with more intensity.

This leads me to later when the internet really took off to what it has now become. All those sites with different doomsday prophecies that just seem to have us in a constant state of peril where like mental candy to me because I believe that shit. For awhile I could see signs in the water, clouds, and trees. I could hear their cries and feel their pain , for they had knowledge of this terrible nightmare headed to mankind. For awhile I thought I could see demons and monstrosities everywhere and in everyone. Seriously sometimes when I am off a bit I still can. I can even feel them in the air.

To say the least I am a little disappointed with this whole doomsday stuff because first I waited and watched the night sky looking for Elinin and just knowing that every earthquake and volcanic eruption was a sign of our pending doom- nothing happened! The fucker just whizzed on by far from view and to be honest I am not totally convinced the bitch ever existed!  Then the whole 11-11-11 prophecy comes over the web like gang busters and I waited and counted down and watched the sky and- nothing! Just another fricken' day like any other. So now has we get closer to 2012 I am almost certain that other than economic collapse and the constant threat of global starvation and war there is nothing that is going to happen that is not just status quo!

This is just the way the world works and has always worked and nothing is ever going to change because nothing ever does! We just live, freak the fuck out, flutter about cosmically oblivious to almost everything and then we die in a relative "blink of an eye".

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