Tuesday, September 27, 2011

“Exhumed” Trailer

“Exhumed” Trailer shows a very film noir style of telling horror that is reminiscent of the early days of Alfred Hitchcock. A dark and disturbing tale that is sure to delight independent and low budget horror fans and will soon become a cult classic for generations to come. And that is just what the trailer made me feel. Imagine what the whole damn film will do!
Exhumed is an edgy horror film. It anticipates a move away from current, more supernaturally inclined fear flicks, towards something nastier and moodier. Exhumed deals with a twisted family that is seemingly unable to leave their own home. Their gnarled existence and mounting animosity finally gives way to violence and visceral panic. Exhumed’s closest living relatives would perhaps be The House Of The Devil, Ils, and The Strangers. The recently deceased would include the weirdo Hammer efforts of the late-60s and early 70s: The Devil Rides Out, Vampire Circus, etc. Exhumed shares with these movies a claustrophobic fear of what lies inside both the home and the head. Exhumed is produced by Ted Marr and Kristin Kayala. Richard Griffin directs a script written by Guy Benoit. It stars Debbie Rochon, Sarah Nicklin, Michael Thurber, Michael Reed, Rich Tretheway, Evalena Marie, Jonathan Thomson and Jocelyn Padilla.
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