Tuesday, January 18, 2011

“Mother’s Blood” Official Website Online…

"When attractive socialite Vivian (Kitsie Duncan) is involved in a horrible accident that destroys her beauty, she seeks to restore it by making a "deal" with a mysterious gypsy (Alan Rowe Kelly) who warns her that by gaining her beauty and losing her deformity, someone close to her must lose theirs....much to her horror that "someone" happens to be her daughter (Deneen Melody). After years of locking her daughter away, much too ashamed for the world to see her, Vivian is once again visited by the mysterious gypsy who offers a grisly "solution" to restore her daughter's beauty as well....a solution that includes murder, mutilation and cannibalism and causes Vivian's life to spiral horribly out of control.....The cost of staying beautiful will be payed in the flesh and blood by those around her!"
Mother's Blood Website here!

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