Sunday, July 8, 2007


Lately there has been alot of outbreaks of food contamination, mostly with the organic market. O.k. here is my thought on this...These farms are hundreds of acres and the migrate works are out there for most of the day eating, resting and working, so where do they relieve themselves?...are there port-a-pots out there in the fields with them?...or do they just go off and squat in an area of the field where there is fewer works and just do their business in the crops and cover it with the soil?! Think about it 40 or more people who are far from town working in open fields and they have to go. I don't think they are just gonna hold it or stop working to go the mile or so back in town. Think about this the next time you see that item that brags all natural or organically grown with the well thought out and fancy packaging......

Another thought that has been replaying in my mind lately is about would think these people are among the most honest and note worthy people you would deal with....but are they or are they ripping you and your insurance company off ?....I put in a prescription with a few refills and requested name brand which is normal and should go did the first month but them when I went back the next month I noticed on the bottle it said no refills which I knew was wrong because I had four on the previous bottle, so I mentioned this to the pharmacist, who you would think would recognize the instead tried to educate me own how the information is stored and if I had refills the computer would have printed them on my label..he done this in a tone that was arrogant, pretty much talking down to me...little did he know I had my previous prescription bottle which I pulled out of my pocket after his little speech and showed him the four refills and after 45 minutes of waiting for him to verify the refills he apologized for the error and began to blame his lowly would think that would be the end of my conflict with this pharmacist...but it wasn't...on my last refill I happened to notice after I got to the house that the label had a name brand company and yet the pills in the bottle had a different company's name on them....and a generic at that...I am currently investigating this because it triggered alarms in my mind that maybe this was more than an accidental error...what if pharmacist are labeling and charging people and thier insurance companies for name brand and are actually giving generic instead without the consumers knowledge or consent!...I spoke with my insurance company who agreed with me that this was odd and although a pharmacist can substitute or dispense generic brands if a customer requests name brand and the card covers it then the pharmacist is obligated to give you what you asked for unless he does not have it in stock at which time he is suppose to inform you and ask if substitution is OK...this was not discussed with I have decided to investigate this issue with my insurance company...we will see how this plays out.....

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