Thursday, January 2, 2020

2020 Production Slate Announced For Concept Media

Concept Media has announced their 2020 production slate. Consisting of Shawn Burkett, Ryan Stacy, Chris Gierowski, Travis Wilson, Brittany Blanton, Rob Collins, Andrew Moore, Cheyenne Gordon and Stephen J. Hodke, the film company has a busy and fun year ahead.

Stranded – A Shawn Burkett Film
Synopsis – A group of siblings venture from Ohio to Arkansas to scatter their mother’s ashes. Along the way the siblings are forced to confront more than each other once they become stranded in Boggy Creek!

Mr. Buzzkill – A Rob Collins Film
Synopsis – Seven friends venture out to a cabin in the woods to catch a buzz. Unfortunately for them in in these woods lives the ultimate buzzkill. Mr. Buzzkill, a buzz saw wielding maniac who hates teens and hates partying even more!

Starlets – A Ryan Stacy Film
Synopsis – The year is 1947. Allen Carlisle, a waning studio executive, has funneled his wide-reaching resources into a new women’s picture that is sure will bring him boffo box office returns. He’s enlisted the finest talents borrowed money can buy, behind and in front of the camera.
Carlisle has conducted all of this business in secret, choosing to drop all the bombs simultaneously during a mysterious convergence at his chateau in the country. But the grudges, tensions, and tawdry connections of the stars brings things rapidly to a head when a masked killer emerges.
Elle – A Cheyenne Gordon Film
Synopsis – Aiden is a tortured teenage boy. The target of ridicule and bullying. After a violent run in with the town bully at a party and being mocked and beaten, Aiden has had enough. When reaching the point of questioning whether living is worth it, enter Elle. A seductive and malevolent newcomer to Aiden’s world. Together, Aiden and Elle will find purpose in each other’s company. Purpose that will fill both of their worlds with vengeance…and blood.

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