Saturday, June 1, 2019

My Review Of "Flay"

After the sudden death of her mother, an estranged daughter struggles to save her brother and those around her from Flay, a malevolent Native American spirit.

"Flay" is directed by Eric T. Pham and stars Elle LaMont, Dalton E. Gray, A. Michael Baldwin, Johnny Walter, Violett Beane, and Jordan LeuVoy.

The story is your typical vengeance evil slaughter set up, and for what it's worth a decent story that would have made for a good paranormal horror had Pham not so desperately wanted to attach his film to the cultural craze happening around Slender Man. "Flay" offers up a varitable smorgasbord of bland melodrama and predictable schlock horror gimmicks in a blend of folklore and urban legend. Exploitation of Native heritage aside, a indigenous curse against Invaders that leeches its way through the centuries killing anyone who comes in contact with it or a cursed soul, is a great starting point.

Story aside, "Flay" doesn't balance out this flaw of flimsily blending horror tropes with great drama or situational substantial moments. A lot of the actions and dialog between characters seem off beat or out of step with what is going on at the moment. Some cast members seem less convinced about their character's predicament with one exception, the lead actress gives the best performance of all. And if you have to continuesly try and convince me how a Native American transforms into a Slender Man entity, and I still don't buy it, then maybe it's not the best creative choice to make conceptually.

Now to the fun stuff. The horror, the effects and the creepy things. "Flay" stays predictably within the familiar realm of paranormal mayhem. Scenes of sketchy jump scares, haunting spirits and plenty of CGI exploits are offered in an attempt to scare. With a lot of the used gimmicks the results vary. The jump scares fall flat, a couple got me, but the stuff I enjoyed was the typical ghosty tricks. Creepy spirit behind the victim, death scenes in traditional vengeful spirit fashion. As tacky as it may come I am a sucker for most of it. "Flay" is no exception. Overall this film will not be enjoyed by all. There is a lot wrong, but there are moments that shine. Go into it with an open mind and don't expect too much. (2/5)

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