Saturday, August 4, 2018

My Review Of "3: An Eye For An Eye"

"3: An Eye For An Eye" is directed by Lou Simon and stars Aniela McGuinness, Todd Bruno, Mike Stanley, and Katie Carpenter. It is a modern revenge horror with an almost 'Twilight -esque" reveal-twist ending. Simon gives us a stark nightmare scenario with ano equally disturbing layer of dark humor- not the haha kind but the "sick b@tch" kind.

A man and a woman kidnap her rapist in order to extract a confession from him. They need to get his confession on tape because he has made up an alibi. Locked up in the basement of a remote home, he is unwilling to confess on camera and continues to assert his innocence. With time running out, how far are they willing to go for justice and what if they are wrong?

The story is a sort of new modern revenge concept. Told with a slow and steady progression that is maintained through the whole film, "3" keeps you focused on the steady downward spiral of the "antihero" themed protagonist. Or antagonist - all in ones' point of view. The story isn't a totally original premise but it does hold up and there is a clever spin on the revenge design.

The minimalist approach that "3: An Eye For An Eye" uses, which harm a lot of film productions, works to Simon's advantage. Even as some moments start to lag, and cause a bit of ADD, the strong narrative and conssumate acting keep your attention enough to get into the scenes and become invested in the characters. The twist that came, the one I felt was coming,  and necessary to really sell this movie, turned out to be one I didn't see coming , and far better. 

The special effects are laden with that overt "torture porn" spellcast. Although this too is minimal,  it is just enough to get you there. Plus it is visceral and well executed. That and the tense,  macabre atmosphere created by the nature of events,  maintain the horror edge enough to entertain. Even if torture horror isn't your thing you can still get into "3". As I said, it is minimal. Overall this is a nice slice of revenge theatre worthy of checking out. (3.5/5)

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