Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Horror Happy Wish List: My Wants Of The Movie Prop World!

 I received a cool email from concerning my favorite movie prop! It is in conjunction with some really cool items the site has listed for movie fans. I was asked to share some of the movie props that I would love to have in my collection. Admittedly there isn't much actually in my collection beyond the movies, some signed stills, posters, and various small items from the films that have come out more recent. The most expensive item is an original canvas art-piece created for "Bullet In The Face" done by Lex Maleev.

Being sparked with excitement by that email, I have decided to share a list of 13 movie props from some of my all time favorite films. These are films from my childhood. The characters, the actors and the monsters ruled both my late night television obsession, and my VCR! Most of the items are from the horror genre, but there are a few sci-fi, and some material from an icon of the 80's - Molly Ringwald! 

Feel free to check out collectables section on the site. But first check out my list of most desired movie collectibles! Also (After you are done with my list) check out some of the other cool movie fan sites lists below, and share your own list of props that you would love to see in your collection! 

This is the ring of Imhotep worn by Boris Karloff in 1939's "The Mummy". I have to say that of all the films and props attached to Boris Karloff, the ring is one that I dream of owning. A replica is okay, but to be able to slip the actual ring from the film would be insanely awesome! I accredit both Universal's love of horror surrounding the mysteries of Egypt's past, along side Hammer Studios, for my love of the ancient Egyptian cultures, and religious beliefs. So yeah this ring-my finger-awesome dream realized!

Bela Lugosi is Dracula. He was the Prince Of Darkness long before Hammer introduced me to my favorite horror actor of all time- Christopher Lee. Lugosi's cape from 1931's "Dracula" is an item that I long to covet as my own. Of all the Bela Lugosi props out there, this item one that I would kill to own!

Christopher Lee took Lugosi's spot as my vision of Dracula from the very first time I saw him on late night, weekend TV. Lee became my favorite actor of all time and placed Hammer Studios as the gods of Horror, for me personally. They had a style and Gothic way of giving me both the macabre and the drama with some flare. And no star in the company's roster did more to excite me than Christopher Lee! Of all his props I think I would most love looking on a shelf at his teeth that he wore as Dracula sitting in a glass case!

Not quite horror, but Peter Cushing in "The Hounds Of Baskerville" made me fall in love with him as an actor and Sherlock Holmes as a movie character. I had already read several Holmes novels, but it was on late night television that I first saw this version of "The Hounds Of Baskerville". Peter Cushing has tones of memorabilia to choose from. There is a lot of his stuff as Van Helsing that would be killer to own, but his smoking jacket from "The Hounds..." is something that would just send me over the moon!

 Now for me, the 80's was all about the contemporary horror monster- the slasher! No film defined it more for me than "Friday The 13th"! And even though I would kill to own Pamela Voorhees sweater from the original film, it is her head I really desire. Specifically the mummified head from "Friday The 13th Part 2"! Man I think I would put it on my altar and make it the star of my spiritual guiding light! Much like Jason did in his small, run-down shack of a home!

 Another prop that would hang proudly on my wall would be Jason's machete from the 2nd film as well. To be honest, any Jason machete from any of the films would hang proudly on my wall. Replicas are wildly available online, but I think it would be beyond awesome to own the original prop from the film that Jason actually handled!

 Next to Jason the scariest bogeyman in my world growing up in the 80's was Freddy Krueger. He was our nightmares! So his glove is on my list because it is an item that I have fantasized about wearing, and running across some old rusty pipes ever since the first film came out! It is another item that you can find replicas of online, and they would be awesome to own, but really my heart is set on one from the film, actually used by Freddy!

Okay, "Solar Babies" is no where near horror. It is family / sci-fi. It is also a film that I have seen more times than any horror film. There is something about seeing all those hot teen actors, this cute kid, and that otherworldly shining orb that makes me happy every time! I wore out three VHS copies of this film growing up. So the orb known as Bodi is something that I desperately want to see sitting on a shelf in my home!

 Don't really have to say a lot about this next item, because there isn't just one particular item from "Tank Girl" that I want. I will happily take any of Lori Petty's personal gear and props from the film. A lot of people trashed "Tank Girl" when it came out but it is by far one of my favorite sci-fi films! Another movie that I wore out several VHS copies of!

Completely and utterly, the 80's was all about the Brat Pack! I loved these movies, and above all else I loved Molly Ringwald! So the last items on my wish list of awesome movie collectibles belong to 80's Brat-Packer, Molly Ringwald! I want her glasses from "Pretty In Pink", I want her panties from "Sixteen Candles", I want her lipstick from "Breakfast Club", and I want her hair extensions from "For Keeps".

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