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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Trailer Released For German Creature Horror "Der Nachtmahr"

Check out the trailer for upcoming German creature horror "Der Nachtmahr". The film that follows a 17 yr old girl with the world in her hand, who is plagued by a grotesquely malformed creature every night. "Der Nachtmahr" is directed by Akiz Ikon and stars Carolyn Genzkow,  Sina Tkotsch, Lynn Femme, Wilson Gonzales Ochsenknecht,  Kim Gordon,  Uwe Preuss, Hagen Stoll. 

17 year old Tina has everything, at least it seems that way, however she is plagued with nightmares and haunted by a deformed creature night after night. The only person she confides in is her psychiatrist. It is believed that Tina's troubles are a manifestation of her fears. The creature seems to share Tina's fears and sufferings. "Der Nachtmahr" deals with the bizarre and macabre relationship the forms between Tina and the creature. 

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