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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Trailer Released For “The Tormented”

The TormentedA trailer has been released for Tim Pickett’s upcoming horror film ‘The Tormented”. It stars Marnie Baxter, David Powell, Bruce McGuire, Barbara Di Bartolo, Michele Bevilacqua, and Matt Patresi. “The Tormented” follows pagan ritual and supernatural happenstance focusing on a couple’s new start after the tragic loss of their young son. The film is currently in post-production with a release slated for later this year.

After losing their 4 year old son in a tragic car accident Clare and Paul Knox decide to start a new life in Calabria, Italy. Paul settles into his new job as an engineer on the Strait of Messina Bridge building project while Clare, a photographer, picks up her camera for the first time since the accident, photographing the beautiful Calabrian countryside. But the past has a way of staying in the present and Clare begins to unravel unable to deal with the truth behind the loss of their son. Meanwhile, Paul learns that his boss Max Velonà, who is also the local town's mayor, is the regional Don of the oldest and most powerful criminal organisation in Italy, the 'Ndrangheta. As Paul and Clare's relationship disintegrates, Paul finds refuge in the arms of a mystical woman Eliza, who is at odds with Max due to the suspicious death of her niece. Max is a man who gets gratification from female misery and Claire presents him with the perfect prey. Max's depraved intentions towards her soon .

TT trailer
THE TORMENTED TRAILER from Tim Pickett on Vimeo.
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