Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Review Of ‘Ladies Night 2”

Ladies Night 2Concept Media and Ryan Stacy give the much loved Ladies Night out a second jolt of blood-soaked energy with horror short “Ladies Night 2”. A follow up to the a previous short film featured in horror anthology “Watch This”, “Ladies Night” takes the women’s night of festivities and literally paints the town red! “Ladies Night 2” brings back Christy Faulkner, Amanda Collins, in this stand alone sequel. It will be available in an ultimate Concept Media collection on the company’s website. Along for the ride and carnage are Emily Sewell Smith and Kelci C. Magel who help give new meaning to “girl’s night”.

The story is a steady, fast-paced situation that has the female killers hooking up and cutting up with some new hot bodies. Much like the first film, “Ladies Night 2” moves quickly toward the ultimate goal-kill men!-and anyone else who gets in the way. The dialog is simple, and direct with some characters feeling more authentic than others, although pretty much the entire cast feel and look comfortable on camera in their roles. It keeps the atmosphere and attitude light-hearted and cheeky.

The special effects are practical, basic tricks that really sell the scene. The kills are a bit quick and somewhat uneventful in their sudden-ness of the moments. I would have liked the female characters to play more with their victims before killing them but I image the night was still young and offered plenty more opportunities for these femme fatales. For a short film with several death scenes, witty humor, and fun energy, “Ladies Night 2” continues a very entertaining story.

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