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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Images Released For “The Wicked One”

TWO posterCheck out these new images for slasher horror “The Wicked One”. The film is directed by Tory Jones and stars Katie Stewart, Dale Miller, Jack Norman, Ari Lehman, Jessica Bloom, Deb Perkins. Read the details for “The Wicked One” below.

Press Release:
The Wicked One is a breath of fresh air into the subgenre of Slasher movies. With his dilapidated coat, signature burlap mask, and a large knife for his intended victims, this Slasher has only one goal…. Death.

Set inside the walls of a Mental Institute, the story follows Alex Curtis (Portrayed by the talented Katie Stewart) after her incarceration. Alex claims that a figure known only as the Wicked One is after her and will soon claim her life, enough to make everyone think she’s insane. The story is really about Alex’s journey and presents the question is this young woman insane or is someone truly after her? Heading up Alex’s therapy is a doubtful and dapper young Psychiatrist Dr. Adam Lawson (Played by MMA Legend Dale Miller) As bodies begin to pile up at the Athens Institute, the staff may soon find that the Wicked One (Jack Norman) may be a real entity.

This madness, all the vision of Director Tory Jones who wanted to unleash a new slasher onto the scene. With the majority of today’s horror being dominated by cliche found footage and paranormal movies at every turn a return to the slasher formula is something I’ve always been interested in and something I’m a fan of. Now I have celebrities like Leslie Easterbrook, Renae Geerlings, Ari Lehman, Tamara Glynn, and countless others commenting on the mask and movie and that’s a huge compliment for someone who grew up a fan of those old school 70’s and 80’s slasher movies. I’m hoping this film could be the start of a franchise and a sequel script is being teased and ideas thrown around. It’s just something that will be dependent upon the success of this film.

The first official trailer is set to be released in the coming weeks with a premiere planned for Early 2015!

TWO still 1

TWO still 2

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