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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Check Out Indie Horror “Dying Light”


Dying Light” is a new indie horror from director David Newbigging and writer Gordon Mclean. The film deals with claustrophobia and fear of the dark as main psychological horror elements. It stars Owen Whitelaw, Kelly Wenham and James Cosmo. All in all this sounds like a pretty tight, mature horror film with a heavy suspenseful atmosphere. I am intrigued and eager to check this one out. Check out the latest trailer below.

When Eddie Bowen hooks up with the beautiful and sexually aggressive Suze Phillips he thinks his luck’s in. But it’s a trap! Suze imprisons them both within a specially-prepared room and before Eddie can react he’s drugged and blacks out. When he wakes he finds a symbol carved into his chest and Suze lying unconscious on the floor with a dagger in hand.

While Eddie desperately attempts to break through the room’s stone walls and securely-locked door he tries to get some answers from the seemingly psychotic Suze. What has she done to him? What the hell’s going on?!

The true horror of his situation gradually emerges: despite how crazy it sounds, the room is growing darker and darker and there’s something in the shadows... something that’s coming to get him.Can Eddie escape in time? Or will the darkness claim him?

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