Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another “Deer Crossing” Film Coming In 2013

deer“Deer Crossing” writer and director Christian Jude Grillo has announced that there will be a sequel to “Deer Crossing”, his horror/crime drama that expected to be released everywhere this fall. “Deer Crossing 2: The Legend Of Carvin County” is scheduled for summer of 2013 and already Grillo has Andy Miller from ‘The Walking Dead’ and John Amplas from Day Of The Dead lined up for the next installment of the dark tale that blends crime drama emotion with full on grindcore horror.

Synopsis for “Deer Crossing 2”

In this action-packed continuation to Deer Crossing, Carvin County’s new deputy, Derrick Stanswood now acts as Sheriff during the absence of drug-depressed Andy Lock. Stanswood assembles a team to help him cleanse the corruption of the town and of its’ undergound drug queenpin, Gail Kennedy. A theatrical wild card enters the mix putting Stanswood in a race against time and forcing Gail to quickly cover her tracks. Stanswood has to look deep into the legend of the Carvin County to know how to stop the current crime wave that has been paved by prior generations.”

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